It’s been a while my lovelies so first, let’s catch up! How have you all been? How's life? What have you been upto?.. As for me?! to say the least! I’ve been rushed off my feet with work, life and everything in between and there is no sign of it slowing down any time soon so I'm really trying to 'work smart' rather than 'work hard', or I'll just end up being reactive to my day to days rather than being proactive! 

With that said, a new season is in full swing and I'm enjoying the fact I don’t have to walk around warmly clad in layers. You'd think my whole closet would then transition, but I refuse to shy away from my love for these fur sliders, 'my Gucci dupes'.

These babies are so comfy, and with these chilly evenings and mornings I love the fact they can pass for a summery shoe and still keep my feet warm.

I opted to wear them with my embroidered shirt and some plain denim ripped jeans for a simple casual look! Can I just stress how much I love 'a slight off the shoulder' anything! Have you guys seen the 'Self-portrait Collection'? Seriously the cut and precision of their dresses and tops are so dribble worthy! So, till I own one! I will improvise like so and so can you. Just unbutton a few and pull it over your shoulder and play around with the fit. Pin it, belt it or just leave it like I did, just don’t let your bra strap show. See you on the next post!


Lots Of Love


Jeans: Zara,  Top: Zara,  Shoes: Primark

 Photography by my dearest: