Hello my lovelies, I hope you’re all doing great!.. Sadly, here in London, things haven’t really been pleasant, to say the least!. From last weeks terrorist attacks to a week filled with rain, wind and cold shivers, and now the ‘election debacle’, I say ‘London living totally sucks right about now, but we will push through with our heads up’!.

So as we await those sporadic sunny days which naturally lifts up everyone’s mood, or start holiday prepping, I have to talk about this essential ‘ the straw hat’, an accessory every girl/bloggers needs!. These hats are meticulously crafted, giving comfort, ventilation and total chicness. Trust me!- you will thank me later. I got mine from H&M last summer.

Now, before you go grab your preferred style, you want to get value for your money, so go for one with thinner straws and tighter weaves. Typical Me right!- I have a thing for detail and I just can’t help myself,  but the truth is you end up getting more wear and a gorgeous smooth texture, which is a win all round! My fave type of straw hat is the ‘ boater’ I love the firm brim crown, and with the straw plaits done thinly and tightly they give off a structured nautical vibe which I love. Be sure to check my ‘ Get this look ’ at the end of the post so see my shop picks.


Lots Of Love


 Photography by my dearest: simonavision.weebly.com