Last week was nothing short of amazing and with my birthday shenanigans over and out, I wanted to share with ‘ you’z’  what I got up to!. From my last post I’m sure you all gathered I’m a big fan of celebrating life joys as a whole. This year I wanted something relaxing,  a prayer answered thanks to Sunny @ ‘book your lifestyle’  who booked me in for some Individual Lash Extensions at ‘Belle-Cour Beauty Salon’ in Westminster.

Sceptical to begin as I heard Individual Lash Extensions can at times rip your natural lashes and the type of lash and glue brand can mess your eyes up especially if you're allergic plus when it comes to your you have to be super careful. Fast forward! I did my research, and with great reviews saying my doubts,  I arranged my booking and spent that morning on my back getting these beauties put in.

I would advise booking a 1hr & 30 mins session in order to get the best look if you are thinking natural. The salon was nice and clean and the staff were really friendly making the whole experience great! I then headed over to West End to get a few bits then went back for a manicure and pedicure. I keep hearing about S’N’S nails so had to try it!.  It’s almost been a week and I’m addicted.  I love that it’s done on your natural nails and they don’t file off layers which leave that natural thickness on the finger nail.

I will keep dong this for the next few months saving me having to paint my nails every few days. Chipped nails drive me nuts and as I woman I think its nice to have them looking good ,even if its not polished, they could be neatly filed down with clear varnish. I am so late to the this ‘nail party’ but hey!.

I then concluded my bday with dinner at ‘ Inamo’ , James booked this ages ago and despite me not wanting to go I felt bad so got dressed. This place is so cool, they serve pan-Asian cuisine with a unique interactive table surface technology. You could Play games, watch chef-cam, even draw on your table! James had my pictures sent to them prior, so as soon as I walked in, I spotted our table. The food was yummy !! So worth that train commute. Overall I had such a lovely day!


If you ever need help booking treatments contact Sunny for some great deals, she is so lovely and efficient!

Lots Of Love


Photography by 'ME'.