When you think 'Valentine's Day', you think red, when you think red, you think love, which brings us back to today's share. I have always rooted for a red lip, especially with minimal makeup not void of winged liner. To me it screams fun, flirty, and elegant not forgetting the fact it makes you feels glamorous, even when you aren't wearing any makeup or fancy clad! Crazy right?! 

With Val's day a sleep away I wanted to jazz my red pout with some glitter. Not so practical when it comes to eating, but heck!...  For more wear, I used my NYX matte lip cream and dabbed on a generous amount of glitter. I actually wanted to do this look over the festive break but evidently that never happened. However, I will start doing more beauty and skincare posts with easily accessible products for you all. Ohh! Before I sign off, I hope you all have a love filled day whether or not you have that special somebody remember, 'Be content in your current state and make the most of it'!.


Lots Of Love


Photography by my dearest: simonavision.weebly.com