My shop pick share this week goes to mules and lace-up pointed flats. When it comes to new staple purchases I love taking my time ensuring I get the best offer, deal and quality for my money plus it has to be a versatile piece. I am not a believer of just buying because’ I like it’. It has to be practical!  Be it now, or in the latter. This is one of the many lessons I have learnt along the way, otherwise you get caught up in the system of spending which when faced with ' reality'  results in poverty, debt and so much more. Instead of keeping up…Live within your means right?! Before you shop, have you saved? Do you need it? Is it a worthy treat? Ohkayyyyyy!!!..Let me stop! I will be sharing more on this in a new post because this topic is really close to my heart and I want us all to do well in life,  and not live foolishly because we would all rather have the finer things in life. 

It took me months to find the perfect pointed flats, I came across many but none really had me love struck till one rainy evening in West End. Ohh ‘Zara’ you really are one of my beloved stores. I was heading home but needed to grab some jeans for my coming holiday. That’s how I came across these babies! Left pondering on whether I can have both, I mean look at them right?!! So justifiable, but sadly I had to snap out of it and opt for the most practical ones so I ended up taking home the black pair. The first day of wear I teamed it with some grey loose jogger like pants, a smart white crepe top and leather jacket. This is one of the many ways to style it. I will also be wearing it this weekend with some leather pants and a light monochrome asymmetric tank top!.


My other shop pick is none other than ‘ Mules’.  They come in different variations but often tend to be backless with height or flat soles. I’m yet to purchase some because I need to exhaust all my options in finding these H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection Mules In silk. Why the heck did I not pursue them when I set my eyes on them? Sighs. I saw pictures of them floating about on social media but couldn’t figure out where they were from till now.

Image source: Google.

With that said I also love the below,  so It's time for me to figure out which ones I will go for. Look out for how I styled mine! 


Have a Beautiful Weekend my Lovelie.. and to all my London loves, let's hope for a rain free and Sunny One :)

Lots Of Love