Just a quick post on these babies I’ve had tucked away since last Christmas, waiting for the appropriate time to jaunt in them. I finally did in mid- march for my B-day shoot and I still adore them.  I keep seeing so many of the same style around which are the ‘Aquazurra’ knock-offs. It’s such a beautiful shoe and If like me you can’t afford the original pair, I don’t blame you for grabbing a dupe! Mine cost around £65.00 if I recall rightly from River Island, but I am sure you can get cheaper ones around now. I do wish I go them in other colours… Mmmm!!! Thinking nude, yellow and red, I am so on the look out for a comfy pair!. I just love the playful fringing and tasseled lace-up ties. They work well with almost everything, from dresses & skirts to rolled denim cuffs. ClassyCute!! Please let me know if you stumble across some gorgeous comfy pair!. 



 Lots Of Love