I am not one to judge,  but merely glad I can pen my thoughts especially on matters I can relate too.

This share has been heavy on my heart so please briefly lend me your ears.

Guys!!!!! I really think it’s high time 'I/ we', wake up when it come to loving and serving God.

See the love of God towards US, ‘his church’ is compared to a bride and bridegroom, only when referencing a marriage that is founded and sustained through biblical foundations.

I'm sure many of us have somewhat experienced love, and know what is required from a spiritual, physical or emotional perspective to keep that relational flame going strong. Yes!..I know with God it's slightly different because you can't see 'HIM' like you could your family, partner, friends, etc but his love based on faith and those memorable encounters make it so tangible. We just need to act out what we say we mean. After all, 'LOVE' is a doing word right?!!

So am 'I/we' really loving God like we shout out? Are we speaking his love language? To 'HIM', love is more than buying a gift, sending that beautiful text, celebrating birthdays and all those things we treasure making us feel loved. In scripture, 'HE' has says so much about his love language starting from keeping his commandments, feeding his sheep etc.

This is just a brief post to urge all those believers out there to focus on really loving 'HIM'. God is not that leopard print shoe or floral number you pull out on special occasions, HE is not that umbrella you pull out on a rainy day, nor those wellies you dig up on a muddy day.

Let us strive to let God en-compass every area of our lives, let him take his rightful place. After all, we do call him Lord right!!! Lord being ‘of noble rank or high office’.He really ought to take centre stage, headlining our every move.

Let us make him our best friend the one whom we share our every thought, from the aches, joys, plans, you name it. In other words let’s be intentional guys!! Is he really closer than your best friend, lover, mother, father…..?!!!!! I will be working on this and I hope you do too. Honestly as I assess my conduct I am so grateful 'HE' is not flippanttowards 'US' rather forever constant.

Enjoy the bank holiday break and I pray May will be a beautiful month for you all !!

Lots Of Love