Happy March Lovelies…

Supper excited March being my birthday month, albeit my positive frame of mind.I’m admittedly really stoked on life, got so much to look forward to despite knowing there will be stumbles and storms. I’m really embracing life and change focusing on the inner me which will undoubtedly filter to the outer mean resulting to a better version of me. My cheesy bit of home truth.

Right! Enough of my rumble. This first post on ‘shop picks’ goes to Zara. I am such a fan, of which I’m certain if they had a loyalty card scheme I would be bagging all those treats. A bit like Nandos actually!!!

For me, Zara is my go to when it comes to minimalism and that goes without saying. You can literally bag all your essentials from there in that one trip. I am so loving their recent SS/ 16 campaign, so I will be sharing some of my fave online pieces, plus with my birthday coming up. Who knows right..

PS: Stay focused walking in faith. No matter what just trust your Journey.

Lots Of Love