Firstly, happy holidays my lovelies. Hope you all had a great break and with the new year fast approaching, time to reflect. I sure did! and still is....counting my blessings, being grateful for how the year transpired be it good or bad and most importantly planning for 2017! I'm certain there's hundreds of posts and videos floating on social media on ' how to have a productive year', ' how to plan' etc so I will not get too much into it but rather conclude saying preparation is key in this lifetime, be it for those long-term or short-term goals, so pen them down, speak positivity, apply and acquire knowledge, and trust me!! Do not  just sit there and set ' realistic goals', AIM HIGH!. We are children of an omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God, and that confidence should make you ponder on the fact :- ' Impossible is nothing with God'. Be active, listen to wisdom/ direction, and be courageous. With that said, I wish you all a super duper amazing 2017! A year that will blow your minds away in every good way:).

Before I say 'shalom'! I want to say thank you all soooo much for all your support and love, you have seriously been the engine that kept me going and my heart is full :). May you all be blessed, loved and supported a billions times more. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!! lol in a few days...

Lots Of Love


Photography by my dearest :