Positive Mind- Positive Vibes- Positive Life

                                                                                                                     Positive Mind- Positive Vibes- Positive Life

Life’s as we know it isn’t always ‘ dandy’,  especially when you have a tremendous influx of things all happening at the same time. Faced with such damper days, I would find myself wandering off in my mind wishing I was a toddler once again. How I needed not worry about anything, albeit the latter worries reflected that stage of life. Back then, pain was that slap on the bum for being naughty, anger was when my sister took my toy, frustration was when I couldn’t get that new Barbie or popsicle. It all seems so trivial in comparison to what we now face, and truth is, we are no longer young. Change is inevitable!

With time, one thing I have come to understand is, we will never have total control of what transpires around us, but rather we can control how we react. I know at times ‘it’s easier said than done, that’s why it’s best to think before you act. More times, silence or no action is better than allowing feelings to reign, wreaking havoc in your life.

So how best to deal with it?!  so cliché but it really works, ‘ Quiet that chatter in your mind and Stay Positive’. See, positivity takes the focus away from the situation. Endeavour to see the good in the bad, what can you learn from it, what can you do different, and the hardest of all, be grateful for that damper. ‘An attitude of gratitude determines your altitude in life’. We have to choose NOT to wallow in our mishaps. Whether or not they are self-inflicted. Once you pick up on your murmuring, anger, frustration etc you have to nip it before it manifests into negative energy. There are so many positivity reinforcement tips but for me, vocally declaring better over the situation and thanking God helps me a lot. Plus being a Christian I really do trust that God forever has my back, and literally all things be it good or bad will work out for my good. I trust his word and promises, so when life gets overwhelming I retreat to a place where I can share my heart with him, no matter where I am, so before I choose to act I make sure my state of mind is sane, helping me act and make rationally decisions. Yes!! we all fall short at times, but I try stick by these principles plus I know there’s a ton of health benefits too so ultimately positivity trickles into other areas of your life.