Howdy!  My Name is Esther, a Londoner with a passion for all things beautiful & creative.  In between studying and working with numerous Fashion Brands and Magazines, a passion for blogging was birthed. I unashamedly tried to suppress it for years, crippled by the fear of putting myself out there. However, thanks to the net and those that have gone before us, I figured its high time I take that leap. So what better way to share 'me' than have my own online outlet. Plus! I do love writing.

Lovekept is a one stop platform sharing snippets of my world, from my  personal style, trends, musings, Inspo, stumbles, thrifts, & things I love. So do expect random tidbits such as my thoughts and those motivational finds that keep me going. Hope you enjoy it. Be Inspired.

'The journey and attitude is what makes it beautiful, embrace the highs and lows no matter the storm .'

- Essie-